Friday, February 19, 2016

A drug is a substance that when inhaled, smoked, absorbed or consumed causes a physiological change in the body. Individuals use drugs for a variety of reasons such as an escape from reality or just to fit in although they can have harmful effects on our bodies and minds.  Repeated use of a drug can cause the user to develop a tolerance because the body adapts to the presence of the substance requiring the user to ingest more of it for the same effect. Continued use of these substances can lead to dependency or addiction. Addiction occurs when a users body and mind is so used to functioning under the effect of a substance that when the drug is not active in their system they get sick or have withdrawals. Withdrawals or fear of not having enough of a substance to get high can lead to addicts stealing from friends or even family to support their habit. Not only can drugs harm the users mentality and body but also their family. Close friends and family can become depressed at the sight of their loved ones sick or in trouble and in even some cases, blame themselves for their addiction. Temptation and cravings are all around us in life and can be enjoyable as long as we don’t let them overwhelm or distract us from our priorities.

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